Go there

Through the hardship

To gain a better education

Is something that I really love to do

Note : Hoping the chance will comes soon, Amin


I’m nothing

You guys kept hurting me

But I still here be patient with everything that you guys done

However, I have finalize my thought

that I’m nothing to you guys

Yeah, I have made up my mind to migrate and start a new life

Even I know it would be hard for me

I really want but….

Will there an opportunity for me to go there?

I want it badly but somehow I think the probability is only 10%

By having it, I could start a new life

Leaving all past memories and move on with create a new memory is my wish


I wish I can and I wish I will get the opportunity….

I don’t understand

Loving you is such a burden to me

Knew that there are many people who love you

made me feel threatened

I want to back off and turning my back from you

But my heart doesn’t follow what my mind has decided

It’s kind of crazy for me

Don’t know what should I do

Shall I to keep loving you?


Shall I just accept the fact that you wouldn’t know my present?


Love is a crazy thing


Loving you is not as easy as I thought

I really hope he will be strong enough to face this situation…

to know that you are killing someone even though without intention, it is not an easy task..

for instance, I almost got into an accident with a lorry and car. Even it did not happened but the ‘shock’ will not faded easily. It just like you are having a nightmare.  It’s scary,indeed.

Daseung Oppa!!!
Let’s take this as your break time, use this free time to search the best songs and produce your solo album. I’m your die hard fan. As a VIP I’ll be waiting for you but don’t take too long because I’m going to miss you terribly.

For those who are love bigbang, let’s support daesung oppa and the members. As VIPs we will stand and stay by their side forever.
Everyone makes mistakes, don’t you?
This is a part of lesson to being a better person.



This year I automatically would be 21 years old

Even my ages is 21, my appearance is absolutely not represent my age..hehe

Getting old for sure enough

and I’m also getting to be more sensitive

When my little sister asked me about “did I already have a boyfriend”

It really hurts me

Yup, I never been in a relationship with a man

For me, being a someone lover at this age only give a burdens to me

To meet a kind man is not easy

Since I was a child, man in my eyes is a very bad person

I thinks I already became an anti-man

It’s love?

Somehow I didn’t know how to explain

There are no words that really suit on it

Sometimes I feel may be I’m just his fan

but at the same time I could felt something else

something that extend than usual

“Am I falling in love with him?”

I don’t know…

That feeling makes me confused